New E-bike battery pack from Samsung SDI runs amazing 60 miles on a single charge

Samsung SDI has developed 500 watt-hour (Wh) battery pack that can power an electric bike for 60 miles (100 kilometers) on a single charge.

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All-new e-bike battery pack developed by Samsung SDI can power an electric bike for 60 miles (100 kilometers) on a single charge.

4732.jpgThe new offering is a 500 watt-hour (Wh) battery pack, designed to be very slim and lightweight via the use of new technological approaches.

Along with other offerings from the company, the pack will have reportedly possess Bluetooth compatibility ,allowing for the checking of battery life, distance remaining and some other stuff with the use of a compatible smartphone.
















The new offering being showcased on August 26th at Eurobike 2015 in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

A few words about Eurobike

Eurobike is the world’s largest bicycle trade fair that has around 1,300 industry companies from 54 different countries attending each year.

Starting from 2012, this year will mark Samsung SDI’s fourth participation.

Some other developments

Samsung SDI also unveiled a battery pack product equipped with 21700 batteries, noted for their upgraded energy capacity, compared to previous cylindrical types.

 The 18650 battery, or rather the small cylindrical battery of 18mm diameter and 65mm length, has been in dominant use until recently.

4735.jpgNonetheless, the creation of new battery applications has boosted the demand for high capacity batteries. In response, Samsung SDI has come up with a battery that has upgraded a maximum of 35% of energy volume, now known as the 21700 battery, and has successfully applied it onto e-bikes for the first in the world.

The 21700 model can have various applications other than e-bike, such as in electric tools, laptops, and more. It is expected to become the new standard in small cylindrical battery usage.

Samsung will get even bigger slice of the pie

Japan’s secondary cell market research company named B3 has estimated that Samsung SDI will follow up its past record of being number one for two consecutive years since 2013 in the e-bike lithium-ion battery market and will also come out as the leader this year with a total market share of 25 percent.

With its development of high capacity e-bike battery packs, Samsung SDI will enforce its leading status in the battery market for electric bicycles, also affiliated with the rapidly developing new battery application field.

According to market research companies such as Navigant Research and Bike Europe, the global e-bike market is estimated to have reached the number of around 34 million bikes this year. B3 stated in their data that the replacement rate of lead-acid batteries in China has been on the rise and as a result, the demand for e-bike lithium-ion batteries will mark 163 million cells by the end of 2015, which is a 14% increase from last year.

















The executive vice president and head of battery pack business division at Samsung SDI, JaeHo Ahn, commented: “Samsung SDI’s high capacity battery packs will dramatically increase the mileage of electric bicycles and this will create new demands in the e-bike industry. As the number one company of small scale-batteries, we will continue to build up the market for new battery application.”

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