Uruguay goes green

Uruguay’s government has bought 50 all-electric e6 taxis to improve environmental situation in the country.

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Do you still think that Uruguay is an ugly, unprepossessing place for a living?

Forget about this.

These times have already passed and now we have a country that thrives.

Yes, you have heard me correctly.

Now there is a sustainable growth in almost all economy sectors and the country does its best to improve citizens’ quality of life.

And, the most importantly, its government really thinks about the environment – a series of bold measures towards energy efficiency and reduced emissions have already been taken.

In a way of example, 50 BYD e6 fully electric taxis have been bough to improve environmental situation in the country.

But can such step really change something? Will the streets of Montevideo become less polluted?

Let’s figure it out.

A few words about Uruguay’s economy

The country heavily relies on a total fleet of 5,000 fossil fuel taxis, 60% of which are in the capital.

 62 percent of the country’s energy comes from imported fossil fuels – 29% of which going into transportation – thus compelling the administration to set a serious decarbonization target of 30% by 2015 Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, Carolina Cosse.

Well, it seems that numbers speak for themselves.







The Mayor of Montevideo, Daniel Martinez, the President of UTE, Gonzalo Casaravilla, the President of the National Taxi Union and Oscar Dourado all spoke of the importance of energy policies that promote more efficient and environmentally friendly technologies for the transport sector, particularly with electric fleet vehicles.

Mr. Casaravilla and Mr. Dourado also emphasized the urge to build a zero pollution and zero-emission green Montevideo.

4723.jpgMinister Carolina Cosse stated: “We need to develop a broader and more robust productive matrix, and the two main components are energy and innovation."

Awesome motivation for cab drivers

To achieve such lofty goals, the government will be offering unprecedented subsidies and advantages to those willing to embrace electric taxis as an alternative to the seemingly less costly fuel cars: the taxi license for a pure electric vehicle will have a 60,000 USD (approximately 54,000 EUR) subsidy, which is 50% less as compared to a conventional taxi.

 Owners will also be exempted of the 23% import tax on the vehicles. As for charging infrastructure, government stimulus policies will promote the installation of charging facilities with a 5,000 USD subsidy for each charging pole installed. Altogether, a single pure electric taxi in Uruguay will receive the equivalent to 100,000 USD in subsidies – awesome, isn’t it?

Well, let’s wish Uruguay good luck with their goals and hope that within some time there will be no fuel-powered vehicles at all – it’s time for them to become part of the history, something, that we will remember in nostalgic fondness, but will never use again.

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