World’s fastest electric bus takes only 10 seconds to get fully charged

Chinese scientists developed all-electric bus that can be completely charged within only 10 seconds. The brand-new bus runs on organic supercapacitors and consumes 30-50% energy less compared to conventional buses.

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Scientists from Shanghai have developed world’s fastest electric bus that can be completely charged within only 10 seconds.

It is 5 seconds less than the previous ABB record of 15 seconds.

As scientists say, it has become possible with so-called organic supercapacitors in use:

core components that  are fabricated from high-performance carbon material, can be recharged and discharged repeatedly more than one million times, are adaptable to all environmental conditions (-40~65°C) and have a service life up to 12 years as long as that of the bus itself.









Supercapacitor technology has been tested in Shanghai for more than eight years, clocking up more than eight million kilometers.

Recharging process

4658.jpgThe bus recharges while stationary or while passengers get on or off, and each charge enables the bus to run for 5 kilometers (3 miles) according to Zhou Qinghe, president of Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive, a subsidiary of high-speed train maker CRRC.

Even though some people might not find it something serious since the distance is not very big, the extremely rapid charging time combined with the fact that public transit vehicles tend to run along fixed routes mean that the bus can charge up whenever it’s stationary for just a brief period at designated locations - most obviously, passenger loading and disembarkation points.

Notable advantages of the bus

The bus converts more than 80% of the braking/potential energy generated during braking and traveling down slopes into electric and store it for recycling, and thus cutting down electric energy consumption by 30%-50% compared to the conventional bus under the same operating conditions.

Such economy (1/10 energy consumption of a standard diesel bus) translates into fuel savings of as much as $200,000 (176,000 euros) over the full lifetime of the vehicle.

Already in use










In China there are much fewer restrictions than in the U.S. and some other countries and it can be proved by the fact that fast as hell bus is already in use: the bus operates an 11-km (7 miles) route with 24 stops in Ningbo, Zhejiang province.

Moreover, it’s not all: Ningbo now plans to add 1,200 more such buses to its public transportation fleet over the next 3 years. 

Well, that’s really cool of them.

Let’s wish Asian folks good luck with that and hope that other countries will adapt such practice: the less red tape it is, the better it is.






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