Next-generation Porsche Le Mans vehicle might be 100% electric

Next-generation Porsche Le Mans racing car might be electric only because of growing environmental pressures that are influencing automakers.

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Porsche 919 Hybrid LMP1 racing car is known for its hybrid drivetrain, unique design and top-shelf specs - this beauty is fast as hell.

Nevertheless, because of growing environmental pressures  that are influencing automakers to go electric, Porsche AG might make even racing vehicle electric only.

Well, it could be way too early to think about how the all-electric racing vehicle will look like, but actually Korean designer Gilsung Park was brave enough to do it and you know what?

Results turned out to be quite spectacular.

Compared to existing Le Mans prototypes, Park’s creation features much more flowing and uninterrupted lines but this is much than just an exercise in design. The car has been imagined with an advanced electric powertrain which could certainly see the light of day in the future.

It incorporates an interchangeable battery pack which could be quickly changed during a lengthy endurance race rather than refueling the car. Rather than traditional electric motors, however, the car incorporates four individual air turbine levitation hub-motors which not only spin the wheels but also provide backwards thrust for added power and speed.

100% Electric Porsche Le Mans Concept

An "electric identity", as Gilsung Park calls his child,  is the answer to the question of what an electric Le Mans contender could look like.

The work has been done as a part of his research project at Pforzheim University.







"My approach was to investigate a future electric design DNA for the Porshe brand.The aim was to offer a direction to a new electric product for the Le Mans race as well as a road-legal sports car"  - Korean student say.

With Porsche design DNA in mind

Porsche is known for its unique and timeless design -- you certainty won't miss Porsche with anything else -- and Gilsung Park was following this rule.






Alas, in his prototype there is no legendary Porsche crest, but pure and clean lines define the brand.

As such, Park chose to imbue the vehicle with soft forms and horizontal lines to tie-in to Porsche's design DNA.






An air turbine motor hub system sucks air in through the wheels and forces it out toward the rear of the vehicle, creating link between functionality and visual aesthetic, while a separate upper and lower body structure allow air to pass through the car.

Why did he choose Le Mans?

Le Mans competition is an authoritative endurance race for sports cars, a race in which Porsche has been showing dominant strength --you do remember 919 Hybrid.

Porsche has clearly been providing its technological expertise and, due to this reason, Park contends, Porsche's electric vehicle should combine the brand's traditional symbolic design elements to create high range sports car based on Le Mans racing cars.








Will this concept be build?

We don't know as well as don't know Korean designer with big shoes to fill, but he hopes that his environmentally friendly concept with optimized powertrain will be adopted by Porsche AG.

Well, let's hope it'll be this way.

The greener technologies are, the better it is.



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