Walking bicycles are about to become viral

Walking bicycle is the combination of an electric bicycle and a treadmill -- fancy thing for burning your calories.

7/31/15 5:00 am chumakdenis 1

A lot of people are into a healthy lifestyle.

We can see tons of people before or after their working day jogging, boxing, lifting heavy weights in the gym or doing some other stuff just to stay well-toned.

Well, that's really cool of them and I wholeheartedly agree on the fact that working out is important as that, but some of the people are working around the clock and simply have no time to exercise.

Well, as probably as you might have guessed, that leads to the health problems like obesity, back pain, and some other sick building syndromes.

Nonetheless, everything is not as bad.

Just to remind you: we are living in the XXI century and almost everything can be cured.

One of the possible solutions is the walking bicycle - a fancy combination of an electric bicycle and a treadmill.









The unique thing that works like a treadmill with a front and rear wheel: when you put your foot on the belt and push it backward, it makes the shaft turn.


Sensors register the movement and send a signal to a computer, situated near the storage battery, which then makes a motor turn and the rear wheel will move then.


Replacing the pedal of the bicycle with a treadmill belt gives you the advantage of walking or exercising outside riding on a bicycle.

And since it is electric, the Lopifit walking bicycle runs quite fast and is equally good going uphill --there is also so-called "Treadmill Bike", but we'll talk about it later one.


The brushless motor: 250 watts. Battery 36V – 17Ah Range 40 km (24 miles) The total length of the Lopifit is 2.3 m. Frame made of steel. Drive: a rear wheel with 3 gear shift hub. Front wheel 28 inches, the rear wheel 20 inches.

Any competitors?

Actually, there is analog.

It's named "Treadmill Bike" and like Lopifit, its main objective is the same - use treadmill outdoor.


One has rugged design and terrain tires- gives you the excitement of running through forests or strolling down country roads.

Additionally, the bike has a hard-wearing belt that provides grip "while protecting your feet from dirt and other contaminants commonly found on the earth's surface" and also comes  with a variable resistance feature - gives you another workout level.

Conversely, this one doesn't have the electric motor and relies entirely on human power -- not really cool of the manufacturer, especially in consideration of the fact that it costs 350 dollars more than Lopifit bicycle.










To date, Bruin Bergmeester -- creator of the Lopifit bicycle -- has built only five such bikes.

However, he has quite big shoes to fill and is looking for the manufacturer in the United States in order to start serial production of such gizmos.

Well, let's wish him good luck with that.

P.S. If you want to buy one right now, you can go on his site and order it.

Gifted Netherlander will build it for you for about 1,900 euros (approximately $2,100).


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