Nissan Leaf will get 125 miles of range (200 kilometers) as early as this August

Updated Nissan Leaf is coming much sooner than we thought with increased battery capacity from the current 24-kilowatt-hour power pack to 30 kWh -- such increase will boost range to 125 miles respectively (200 kilometers).

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Good news from Nissan Motor Company. All-new Nissan Leaf will arrive much sooner than we thought: by August we’ll have the vehicle with 30 kWh battery pack that will result in 125 miles respectively (200 kilometers).

Interesting to mention that the new battery will be the same size as the current 24-kilowatt-hour power pack, but will deliver 6 kWh more than its predecessor.

As the company says, it has become possible from squeezing more energy into the Leaf's lithium-ion battery – really, no new battery chemistry?

Anyway, such information couldn’t not to put a smile on our faces.

125 miles (200 kilometers) on a single charge is really a cool thing, especially in consideration of the fact that its ancestor had only 84 miles of range.









More range, more

4333.jpgNissan Motor Company definitely doesn’t want to stop with EPA-rated range of about 125 miles (200 kilometers) on a full charge.

The company has definitely much bigger shoes to fill.

Recently Nissan displayed a Leaf equipped with a prototype next-generation electric drivetrain. That technology, which is under development and being tested, achieves a range of more than amazing 310 miles on a single charge (500 kilometers). 

As far as Ghosn said, the goal of the next-generation battery is to eliminate range anxiety by providing enough cushion for people to complete their daily drive and return home with ample charge. 

A simulation showed the car charging up to a range of more than 310 miles and ending the day with a drivable range of 160 miles still in reserve. 

Yet even before that next-generation battery hits the market, Nissan plans an interim upgrade for its flagship green car.

"We will not wait for its completion to move forward" - Ghosn said.

A bit of criticism

Some people argue that the real-world numbers will be closer to 105 or 110 miles because of several factors like weather, real-life obstacles, and some other stuff.

Well, even so, the numbers are still quite cool plus the boost could help revive U.S. Leaf sales, which slumped 25 percent during the first five months of this year to 7,742 vehicles. Nissan even said that Leaf sales have been slower than expected, but that demand for electric vehicles should surge in the next five years.

4334.jpgNissan Chief Competitive Officer Hiroto Saikawa said: “Nissan has 41 percent of the global EV market and aims to keep it”.

Well, good luck with that one. Intention to keep the leadership in EVs is always a good thing, but how will it be – only time will show.

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