Morgan Motor Company presented 100% electric vehicle

Hand-crafted Morgan EV3 vehicle has a 75kW motor under the hood resulting in acceleration from 0 to 60 mph (100km/h) in 6 seconds and range of 150 miles (241 kilometers).

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The eccentric British automaker Morgan Motor Company finally unveiled to us its latest electric vehicle.

Meet, EV3 - second all-electric vehicle, which is based on the firm's quirky three-wheeler.

Like its ancestors, retro style vehicle looks like an exhibit of classic cars and everything in this car says about it: three wheels, swanky interior, almost no electronic gadgets inside and only all-electric power plant is the clue that we are not somewhere in the early 20th century.

Beauty, isn’t it?

Well, let’s have a closer look on this crown jewel beauty and talk about this masterpiece more.








Three-wheeled cars are unstable and impractical by nature, but their sheer ridiculousness also makes them a certain kind of awesome. That’s why some car companies keep building the things, particularly Morgan.

Morgan EV3









The EV3 model is based on the standard Morgan 3-wheeler the company has been selling since 2011.

The internal combustion engine has been ditched in favor of a 60-horsepower rear-mounted electric motor (75kW).

Such modification has made the car 100kg lighter than its 550kg naturally aspirated relative – despite the weight of its battery pack – and gave EV3 a range of 150 miles -- a figure that beats most of the full electrics on the market today.

Of course, in comparison to the 300-mile Tesla Model S this is some way behind, but ahead of most other electric vehicles that have been converted from internal combustion, such as the Ford Focus Electric(only 100 miles), the figures are really cool.

The motor drives a single rear wheel, just as the petrol engine does in the regular version.

Production and price

The EV3 will be built to order, so the price will be high and the production run will be low—quite obvious if we’ll take into account that all vehicles are hand-crafted like Rolls Royce, isn’t it?

 Morgan says the prototype pictured above and to be shown off at Goodwood is "currently undertaking a “full testing and development programme" and is "expected to go into production towards the end of 2016".

Well, let’s wait and see if it’ll come true.

Anyway, it’s the only option that we have.

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