Electrovaya and Leclanche will cooperate in order to develop large-format lithium-ion cells

Canadian developer and manufacturer of lithium-ion power solutions Electrovaya and Swiss battery manufacturer Leclanche have signed a deal to scale up their respective efforts in the lithium-ion battery space.

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Swiss battery manufacturer Leclanche and a maker of ceramic separators and electrodes Litarion owned by Canadian company Electrovaya have signed an agreement for scaling up their mutual efforts in the lithium-ion battery space.







The deal appears to mark the first public efforts by other manufacturers to ramp up production, following Tesla’s long-trailed battery systems.

4182.jpg“This agreement is the result of several months of joint collaboration and sees two of Europe’s largest lithium ion production capacities increasing their collaboration.

I am delighted that we have concluded this agreement with Litarion GmbH, whose electrode development and production capability is world class. Through this agreement two of Europe’s largest lithium-ion manufacturing capabilities are tightening their relationship to offer the market leading electrochemical storage systems. The combination of Litarion’s capabilities in electrode manufacturing, and Leclanché’s state of the art cell manufacturing using our proprietary manufacturing and separator technology have resulted in lithium ion cells with outstanding performance. Through this agreement we further secure this collaboration” – commented on that Pierre Blanc, Leclanché’s Chief Technical and Industrial Officer.

Under the terms of the supply agreement, Electrovaya will provide electrodes to Leclanche’s manufacturing lines for their mass production and commercialization.

The supplies are expected to be from Germany from Evonik Litarion GmbH.

A few words about Litation







Litarion has been manufacturing and researching its nickel manganese cobalt oxide (NMC) electrodes for over 10 years, according to its parent company. Having been originally focused on the automotive sector, Litarion is now focusing on energy storage systems and their industrial applications.

4183.jpgAndre Mecklenburg, Litarion´s Chief Operational Officer said: “the last six months has been a period of constant change at Litarion GmbH. Shifting from a one-hundred-percent supplier to the automotive industry, we are now focusing on the emerging market of energy storage systems and industrial applications.

We are extremely happy having this supply contract with Leclanche, fitting excellently in our new core field of business. We are confident that the combination of our high performance electrodes together with Leclanche´s outstanding cell assembly know-how will lead to joint commercial success.”

Huge perspectives

Litarion claims to have an annual production capacity of 500MWh for its cathodes, anodes and separators, including SEPARION - a ceramic separator technology, mostly NMC cathodes and graphite anodes.

There has not been yet any indication from either company on cost reductions that could be enabled by the new deal, but it appears that following Tesla’s recently quoted prices and expected scale of production from its still under-construction Gigafactory.

Other companies are already looking at strategies to take an advantage on the electric vehicle-maker turned battery energy company.

In a way of example, Leclanche reported that it has registered over 8 million euros (8,97 million dollars) in orders from Younicos, the energy storage and integration specialist.

Both companies are working together at an off-grid project which will enable the population of a small Portugese island, Graciosa, to get 65% renewable energy power.

Well, the first man gets the oyster, the second man gets the shell. Everything is as simple as that.

In the business world you have to act fast. Otherwise, you will be eaten by guerilla marketers.

Nonetheless, let’s not go off-topic since it’s completely another story to talk about.

Let’s just wish Leclanche and Electrovaya good luck and hope that such fertile cooperation will benefit end user as well as it’ll benefit manufacturer.


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