Harrison Ford spotted driving Tesla Model S

American actor and film producer Harrison Ford has been seen out in public driving silver Tesla Model S in Los Angeles.

6/11/15 5:00 am chumakdenis 1

It comes as no surprise that Harrison Ford is a huge fan of Tesla Motors and owns Tesla Model S – by our estimations he’s been Tesla owner for at least for a year. 

Nonetheless, we’re here not to talk about celebrities and electric vehicles.

Us attracted completely another things - Harrison Ford hasn’t been seen out in public since being seriously hurt in a plane crash on March 5.

Just to remind you:  the Star Wars star broke his pelvis and ankle and suffered a severe laceration to his head in the accident.











It seems that the plane's engine failed shortly after takeoff from Santa Monica airport but Ford, an experienced pilot, was able to steer it to a safe - though hard landing.

The actor spent three weeks in hospital in LA before returning to continue his recovery at the home he shares with wife Calista Flockhart, 50. 

It's obviously been a hard road as almost three months have gone by since the crash and Harrison Ford had to miss a huge fan convention in Anaheim last month where a new trailer was unveiled for the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

However, the fact that he’s ok now and able to drive is definitely a huge relief to us.

Additionally, we are really happy with the fact that Harrison Ford drives Tesla Model S – one of the safest vehicles in the world.








Harrison was seen driving his silver Tesla in Los Angeles accompanied by a male friend in the front passenger seat.

Thus, he’s more secured than other drivers.

Well, let’s wish him good luck and never get in a plane crash again.

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