Nissan Motor Company turned all-electric e-NV200 vehicle into the ultimate party van

PART e-VAN is the special version of all-electric e-NV200 specially created for paties.It has sound system, cocktail maker, fridge for drinks and even an LED dance floor -- everything you need for a party.

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Good news for party animals and not very good for party poopers (or any of people that don’t like noisy events).

Nissan Motors Company has created the special party version of its e-NV200 van in order to bring happiness all around the Europe – the van is used for free parties.








The van van started its trip from Germany, stopped at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and now on its way to some other EU towns to let the local youth hang out.

Sounds pretty cool, isn’t it?

But, for God’s sake, how it can be used for parties?

Well, the customized e-NV200 (PART e-VAN) is actually the ultimate party maker powered by battery.

There is everything one would expect in a party machine like a LED dance floor, sound system, cocktail maker, fridge for drinks and some other stuff.

Check out its key features:

 * disco ball solar panel array;        

 * cocktail maker;

 * augmented reality screens;   

 * LED dance floor;

 * six meter high light-up canopy;   

 * fridge.

Cool, isn’t it?

In action

Are you eager to see it in action?

Of course, you are.

Here is the video below for you.


Bastien Schupp, Vice President of Marketing for Nissan Europe, said: “The PART e-VAN sums up what Nissan is all about - innovation and excitement for everyone". 

Overall conclusion

Van is really cutting the edge. Its standout attributes like a dazzling disco ball solar panel array on the roof which absorbs daylight to power some of this one-off vehicle’s features, an augmented reality system where users are able to jump into their own party scene before sharing it with friends on social media and a custom-made sound system capable of throwing the best silent disco party.

Definitely, this is one of the best and indigenous vehicles that we’ve ever seen.

That’s a real disco club on the wheels, that, we really hope, we’ll be available on sale within some time.

Let’s thank Nissan for creating such cool vehicle and wait for more indigenous vehicles from them.





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