LG Chem is ready for mass production of second-generation 80 and 120 kWh sized Lithium-ion batteries

LG’s batteries are considered to be one of the best in the world and are already chosen for many plug-in vehicles - they’re used in such vehicles as the Ford Focus, Chevrolet Spark and Volt, Renault Zoe and Twizy, Volvo V60/XC90 T8 and plenty of other.

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Korean battery maker LG Chem officially announced that the company is ready for mass production of second-generation  80 and 120 kWh sized Lithium-ion batteries.

Particular interest is in the 120kWh - version of the battery for it can cover up to 300 miles (482 kilometers) on a single charge.











Just to remind you, as of now, Achilles' heel of all electric vehicles is the pour range of its batteries (luxurious all-electric vehicles are not taken into account).

The Chevy Spark and Volt, Ford Focus, Renault Zoe and Twizy, Volvo V60/XC90 T8 and a bunch of other vehicles have one thing in common - their range is less than 100 miles (160 kilometers) and it’s very sad of them. Anyway, it’s about to change very soon.

 During the 28th Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition in Goyang, South Korea, LG Chem announced that they were ready to supply much larger Lithium-ion batteries packages to those interested in producing all-electric vehicles that would rival the Tesla Model S in range, and you know what?

LG Chem has no intention to break this promise and has already signed the deal with some automakers – “attaboy”.As a way of example, brand-new 2017 Chevrolet Bolt will be powered by the LG’s next-generation batteries.

2017 Chevrolet Bolt will likely arrive in early 2017.

A bit of criticism

 In spite of the fact that the all-new batteries are good and brought us one step closer to the cusp of something, they have one serious disadvantage: they’re really big -- the battery pack itself is likely to only be around 50 kWh, roughly double that of the current generation Nissan Leaf.

Anyhow, that’s more trouble of automaker than its trouble of LG Chem, so, more likely, they’ll figure out something with it.

Plus, LG Chen has only started to offer to supply automakers, thus, the form of the battery might change within time.

Let’s not jump the gun and be happy with what we already have - battery packages have really huge capacity.

In comparison to the largest pack found in the Tesla Model S, even the simplest package of second - generation LG Chem is 40 percentlarger.Cool, huh? 


We don’t know the exact day of the mass production (LG Chem keeps this information on the QT), but one thing we can tell for sure – we are on the cusp of something big and this something will happen really soon.

Let’s wish LG good luck and wait all-new vehicles with its batteries that will be available to buy very soon.

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