Japanese researchers have developed first in the world in-wheel motor system for electric vehicles

Researchers from University of Tokyo have successfully developed the world’s first in-wheel motor system for electric vehicles that transmits power wirelessly to run motors incorporated in each wheel.

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Researchers from University of Tokyo have developed the world’s first in-wheel motor system for electric vehicles that transmits power wirelessly to run motors incorporated in each wheel.



















A wireless in-wheel motor system for electric vehicles at the University of Tokyo's Kashiwa campus in Chiba Prefecture

That's very cool of them, isn't it?

Wireless charging is much easier and more convenient than an ordinary one.

Let's figure out more about world-changing invention.

In-wheel motor system

The in-wheel motor, also known as wheel hub motor, is an electric motor that is incorporated into the hub of a vehicle's wheels to directly drive each wheel.






















Compared with conventional electric vehicles, the in-wheel motor model does not require a drive shaft -- a component that takes power from a single source and mechanically transfers it to all the wheels to drive them.

Thusly, a vehicle using the system could be built lighter and require less energy.

Acceleration and braking for each wheel can also be controlled, which would help preventing mishaps such as skids.

How does it transmit electricity?

Current vehicles using in-wheel motors need wires to transmit electricity. The complex wiring distribution and its susceptibility to shorting out have remained a hurdle in developing such a vehicle for practical use.

The research team’s wireless system transmits the electricity stored in the car’s batteries through a transmitting coil to a receiving coil in the wheel hub, a distance of 10 centimeters.

The researchers successfully ran a motor using a maximum of 3 kilowatts of electricity and sent control information to each wheel using standardized Bluetooth wireless technology.

"The rear-wheel-drive prototype car can, in theory, run at maximum 75 kph(0,62mph)"  -  researchers said.

Not bad for the prototype, isn't it?

Technology perspectives

4046.jpg“This technology will pave the way for the development of advanced electric vehicles, including those that receive electricity wirelessly from transmitting coils that are embedded under road surfaces,” professor Hiroshi Fujimoto said. “It can be also applied to fuel-cell vehicles and industrial machinery.”

*Hiroshi Fujimoto is an associate professor at the University of Tokyo specializing in electric vehicle control, and other researchers ran a vehicle equipped with the new system that transmits electricity wirelessly from an onboard power source to a coil attached to the wheel hubs.

Production & price

Yet it remains unclear when we'll see the production-ready version of the in-wheel motor system as well as the price of it for the system is on its early steps of development, but the one thing we know for sure - it'll take quite a lot of time to advance prototype, pass safety tests and a lot of other stuff.

Don't expect to see system available to buy within half of a year or so.

Anyhow, let's thank Japanese researchers for their wireless-charging system and wish them good luck.

We'll be eagerly waiting for more news from them.

*What do you thing about this development? Do you like it? Would you call it a real breakthrough?

Leave your comments in the comment section below.


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