Turner Motorsport modified BMW i8

Futuristic BMW i8 received even more indigenous look: complete color transformation, 21" AR1 wheels,titanium exhaust pipe and this is not everything.

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Turner Motorsport presented modified BMW i8 with a series of visual and body upgrades that,as Turner Motorsport says, were aimed "to create a unique car on the road".

Well, it seems that they have achieved their goal for the car with a yellow vinyl wrap paired with striking blue accents and a set of blue wheels really stands out from the crowd.You definitely won't mismiss it with anything else( check out the photos below). 





Looks cool,isn't it?

Let's have a closer look on all the improvements that have been made.

Improved handling

4031.jpgTurner Motorsport wanted to make sure that modified i8 handled as good as it looks,so they contacted their friends over at H&R springs to get some sport springs for the i8 to lower the center of gravity and slightly increase the spring rate without negatively impacting the fantastic ride.

During their spring measuring and research they have noticed that the front camber was pretty neutral.With a little more front negative camber they could get more front grip and less understeer. 

Front upper A-arm camber upgrade

4030.jpgTherefore, in addition to the springs, Turner decided to install some camber adjustment arms(BMW A-arms from the F10 5-series) to dial a little more negative camber into the front wheels to help with the pushy-ness of the i8 from the factory.

As a result, this pulled the front hub inwards and added 0.5* of camber.

As you probably might have guessed, that resulted in imroved handling.

Here is what the company says on that: "The pushy-ness of the stock setup is gone. The car now handles better and we're able to take corners at higher speeds. It feels better with quicker steering response too. It's a blast on every corner. Moving the A-arm further in also gave us more space for a wider tire which we'll explain in our next update".

New wheels

The Forgeline AR1 Forged Wheels for i8 are an exciting evolution in Forgeline monoblock styling, with a very angular split spoke pattern, extra-deep concave profile, and radically-chamfered outer edge, perfect for the i8.

Here's what the company says on that: "The stock 20" wheels look good and mirror the flow of the body well. But they're not very wide and having a wider wheel and tire will give the car more grip in the corners. We talked with Forgeline, a supplier to our sports car racing team, about some lightweight forged alloy wheels. Forgeline is well known in racing circles but also in the hot rod, muscle car, and Porsche markets and often with custom colors. They do all of their own powdercoating in-house. From their catalog we selected the AR1 monoblock wheel design. The AR1 is machined from a block of 6061-T6 aluminum with I-beam spokes, angled split spokes, chamfered machining details, and a concave profile. We went up one inch in diameter (to 21") and increases in width as well. We went as wide as the enveloping bodywork tight packaging allowed - 9.0" in the front and 10.0" in the rear. Custom offsets ensure there is no rubbing. Forgeline came up with a matte transparent blue finish especially for our project".






"The front wheel well does not offer a broad range of sizes and offsets. The clearance to the suspension and outer bodywork was very tight. Adding the negative camber pulled the suspension away from the wheel rim and that allowed more clearance. Of course, the beauty of custom wheels is that you can build them any way you want. You can even replicate the factory size and offset to get a factory fitment with a new look. We'd like to see other Forgeline designs on this car, such as the DE3C or CF3C".

Titanium exhaust system

The i8's small displacement, 3-cylinder turbocharged engine certainly makes enough power when combined with the electric motors to propel the i8 down the road. However,like other hybrids, BMW i8 suffers from a lack of exhaust noise.

Therefore, in order to gain some more actual exhaust noise while driving the vehicle Turner Motorsport team of mechanics have installed the Arqray Titanium Exhaust onto Project i8.













As a consequence, various protective undertrays and heat shields that cover the area around the bottom of the engine and the exhaust have been removed.

After that the stock exhaust has been removed as well from the three factory hangers that hold the unit in place.









The factory hanger that sits directly behind the middle of the rear bumper can remain in place, while the other two on the sides of the exhaust need to be removed and installed on the Arqray exhaust. 
Once the factory hangers are on the Arqray exhaust, you will need to attach some additional short sections of exhaust that allow it to connect with the section of the stock exhaust directly behind the catalytic converter. After the entire exhaust is ready to be installed it is relatively easy to put the Arqray exhaust into place. 

The result of this modification you can see below.

Well, can't really say that I love noise during the ride(that's not my kind of thing), but people are different.

Here's what Turner team of mechanics said on that: "the Arqray Titanium exhaust system provides plenty of added noise and driving enjoyment over the stock exhaust. It makes lots of satisfying pops and burbles after letting off the accelerator during full throttle accelerations. In addition to the added driving enjoyment thanks to the added sound, the Arqray Titanium Exhaust is 50% lighter than the stock exhaust, with the Arqray exhaust weighing in at 18.0 lbs and the stock unit at 36.0 lbs."

Overall conclusion

BMW i8 project by Turner Motorsport turned out to be a really cool project, that resulted in series of visual and body upgrades to BMW i8.

In the end we have received sporty hybrid vehicle with indigenous look, improved handling performance, titanium exhaust system and some other stuff.

Some people might like the changes that have been made and some might not, but the fact remains - Turned achieved their goal and created  "a unique car on the road".

Let's wish them good luck with that and wait for more projects from them.

Do you like the modified BMW i8?Why?

Do you like all the changes? Which of them you like and which you don't?

Leave your comments on that in the comment section below.

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