McLaren P1 GTR is all about to become road-legal

3 Million dollar McLaren P1 GTR (the track-only version of the P1 plug-in hybrid) soon will be able to drive on public roads. Lazante Motorsport specialists converted McLaren to for road-use.

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The 986 hp McLaren P1 GTR is one of the fastest racing cars in the world. With this beauty can compete only a few cars (like Porsche 918 Spyder) on equal terms.

But, alas, it’s not available to drive legally this car.









Yeah, you’ve heard me correctly. Even fellas with deep pockets have their own problems.

3 Million dollar McLaren P1 can’t meet road-going regulations in some states and particular countries.

But it’s all about to change very soon.

Specialists from Lazante Motorsport decided to undertake the conversion work following demand from customers who have bought the track-only version of the P1 GTR from the factory.









More than 40 P1 GTRs were sold, with the cars being offered to existing P1 road car owners only. 

Cool, isn’t it? Of course, I’m not one of those guys who can easily pay through the nose 3 Million bucks for the car (as well as you are), but the facts remains – it’s a real crime to buy such amazing vehicle and not be able to drive it legally.

What exactly will they change?

We don’t know. The level of standard modifications has not been revealed, nor the price of conversions, because of the complexity of customer requirements.

3907.jpg"We will be tackling all conversions on a case-by-case basis," said Dean Lanzante. "What we do will depend on where the customer wants to run the car and what the regulations are in that region. But whatever we do it will always be done sympathetically; the GTR has been built to be a step beyond the P1, we're trying to keep as much of that spirit as we can. It will still be lighter, have more power, better aero and so on."


McLaren agrees

Neither the McLaren factory nor its MSO division is directly involved but it is believed to have given the project its blessing and will co-operate with Lanzante to help ensure its success. "I wouldn't do anything to damage our relationship with McLaren, which we've built up over 20 years through our work on the F1," said Lanzante.








When they’ll start modifying the P1 GTRS?

Work on the first conversion is expected to begin mid-year. The completion date will depend on how long the regulatory paperwork takes to be processed.

Reports have already suggested that the next generation, factory-developed P1 could be track-only as a result of tightening regulations restricting what’s possible for road-legal vehicles.

However, a final decision on the direction of the next P1 remains some way off. McLaren chief executive Mike Flewitt has already stated that the firm won’t replace the current vehicle until technological advances allow McLaren to make a significant step forwards in terms of performance.

As such, the next generation P1 is likely to center on hybrid powertrain developments and is believed to be at least a decade from production.

Well, good luck with that. Racing cars with even more performance will always be putting smiles on out faces.


*What do you think about Lazante’s Motorsport decision to undertake the conversion work following demand from customers who have bought the track-only version of the P1 GTR from the factory?

Is it a good decision or it’s better to leave everything in its original look?

Leave your comments on that in the comment section below.

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