LG Chem and Eguana partner to develop Lithium-ion home energy storage systems for North America

LG Chem and Eguana will work together to deliver a certified and fully integrated energy storage system called “AC Battery”.

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Eguana Technologies (small Canadian company producing energy storage inverters) turned out to be the dark horse.

The company signed a multi-year agreement with LG Chem to deliver certified, fully integrated AC batteries for residential markets in the US.



3859.jpg“LG Chem is a well-respected global brand with a leading position in battery energy storage deployment. We are very excited to be partnering with LG Chem to bring our first AC Battery to North American markets” - said Michael Carten, CEO of Eguana Technologies.

Amazing how fast the company can grow in the blink of an eye, isn’t it? Being once small local company, the company has now all chances to become a leading supplier of power control and conversion solutions.

The AC battery

The AC Battery provides a fully functional turn-key energy storage solution that only needs to be paired with any of the energy storage management systems currently coming to market for a broad range of applications.

The AC Battery can be used to store electricity from solar and use it during evening hours, or can be used by fleet aggregators to provide utility grid management services including voltage control, frequency regulation, demand response and load balancing.


The AC battery is a pre-integrated and fully certified energy storage system which requires only a grid connection and a dispatch signal to provide a fully functional and durable energy storage installation to the consumer.

How does it work?

The Eguana power control system manages system power flow and handles the core power conversion functions- AC→DC and DC→AC - as well as connectivity with power grid. It also hosts the consumer gateway and battery management system.

Innovations in use

Basic product capacity is only 6.4 kWh.

Eguana designed the package around LG Chem’s battery modules and supplies its Bi-Direx inverter and controls subassembly. The low voltage design enables high-capacity batteries to operate in lower power ratings needed for decentralized systems.

What does this battery require?

The AC Battery requires only a grid connection and a dispatch signal to provide a fully functional and durable energy storage installation to the consumer. The AC Battery provides maximum flexibility for system aggregators which want to deploy it as part of new solar storage installations or as a retrofit to solar PV installations already in place.



The modular system is targeted as a residential product, but does have the potential to be aggregated for small commercial and industrial end-users.  

Production & price

The AC Battery is expected to be available for commercial shipping early this summer, according to the statement.

“We are going to strengthen the partnership with Eguana and put our best effort to stand up as the No.1 battery maker in the North American ESS market," said Sunghoon Jang, Senior Vice President for LG Chem.

Price, alas, has not been announced.

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