In India garbage pushcarts will be replaced by all-electric garbage trucks

The Pallavaram municipality decided to purchase 42 electric garbage trucks in order to facilitate faster garbage pickup.

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Littering in India is really the big issue. I’m pretty sure that everyone who has been to this country has experienced a culture shock when saw a huge pile of garbage right on the street.

Alas, India is really dirty country nowadays, but it’s to be changed in the nearest future.

Battery-powered garbage vehicles

The Hindu reported that after testing one of the battery-powered garbage vehicles, the Pallavaram municipality decided to go ahead and purchase another 42 electric garbage tracks in order to facilitate faster garbage pickup. Serving a community of over 6,000 households, the old litter pushcarts could only make, at most, a couple of rounds per day. But the new electric garbage trucks can pick up the trash six-times a day, keeping the ancient roads much cleaner than many residents may be used to.

“The pushcarts were used to collect garbage twice a day. Now, the shuttle car does the rounds six times a day,” said S. Sivasubramanian, commissioner of Pallavaram municipality.

Range anxiety

The range anxiety doesn’t appear to be a problem with these litter pickers. “There are three compartments in the vehicle - for biodegradable, non-degradable and medical waste. Besides, since the vehicle has tubeless tyres, punctures won’t affect garbage clearance,” -  said  S. Sivasubramanian.

Happy garbage collectors

Drivers love the new garbage carts, but as they no longer have to pedal the trash-laden rickshaws up and down the narrow streets of the old city, these garbage collectors no longer go home with aching muscles and feet.

V. Ravi, who drives the battery-operated garbage vehicle said, “I used to suffer severe body pain from pedalling the tricycle with heavy loads of trash but not anymore. The new vehicle is pollution-free, time-saving and operator-friendly.”

Mr. Ravi collects around one-and-a-half tonnes of garbage from 1,500 households in ward 40 alone.





















Our opinion about these small garbage cars

Of course, these small battery-operated shuttle cars are nothing in comparison to the full-size electric garbage trucks roaming US (European) streets, but for India and its old city it’s an important step into the 21st century and brighter future.

Let's wish them good luck and hope that more of these cars will appear on the streets of India in the coming years.


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    This is not a luxury. It is a necessity. Making street cleaning optimal, comfortable, and more responsible has become a global urgency since keeping garbage on the streets for longer generates atmospheric as assignment writing explain and even health problems for those in charge of collecting it in the streets.
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