900 HP Syrma Hypercar Concept

The students at the Transportation Design School at Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) have created the Syrma Concept - terrific sportscar with 900 hp electric-hybrid powertrain.

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The 11 talented students at the Transportation Design School at Istituto Europeo di Design(IED) have created the Syrma Concept -  terrific sportscar with 900 hp electric-hybrid powertrain.

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The car was made in about 5 months; including the design, computer 3D-modeling and a full scale mode.

A concept is focused on safety(sounds a little bit strange, isn't it?) and created at the request of Italian motoring publication Quattroruote(Syrma was created as a final thesis project for their masters course in Transportation Design).

This is the 11th concept to come from Turin’s IED and it’s definitely one of the best. The smooth concept sort of looks like a combination of the Maserati Birdcage 75th Anniversary Concept in the front, and the McLaren P1 in the rear, and that combination works extremely well.









The designers believe the car is homage to Italian styling with addition of International flavor to it.

McLaren F1 sameness & some safety features

The interior follows a staggered front seat layout similar to the Mclaren F1, with the driver getting a front-center position and the 2 passengers staggered on either side behind him.

The front seat is centered for a more driver-oriented position and better visibility. In addition to the central seating, other safety-focused features include laser message projection when the car is in silent electric mode, and a “teardrop windscreen” that is intended to protect the cabin.


The car is powered by a rear-engined hybrid system. A twin-turbo, 4-liter gas engine is paired with an electric engine to create 900 horsepower that goes straight into the rear wheels. If the driver so chooses, there is an available option to run on electric-only, though range numbers were announced.

The Syrma is characterized by extreme proportions, with a length of 4,730mm, a width of 1,980mm, a long wheelbase of 2,790 mm and a height of just 1,155mm.


I don't really think that we'll see the production-ready version of this vehicle for students did it only as a final thesis project for their masters course in Transportation Design,but the fact that this hypercar was presented at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show and attracted a lot of attention gives us a perspective.

Let's wish them good luck and raise enough funds to begin production of this marvellous concept.




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