i-Miev has become cheaper.Much cheaper

i-Miev has become cheaper.Much cheaper.i-Miev falls to half-price!

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 No wonder that the brand “three diamonds” was a pioneer in the market of electrocars in Russia .Mitsubishi is more than 40 years focused on creating and production of electric vehicles, dealing with major energetic companies in Japan. Its popular Mitsubishi twin was launched in 2006 and three years later received electrical engine over the rear axle and a set of lithium-ion batteries under the bonnet. From the first view, gasoline and electric versions barely distinguishable .Only during test-drive, in favor of electromobile, it was completely noiseless during the ride.


i-Miev is equipped with electric propulsion with maximum output of 49 kW ( 67 hp) and on single battery charge is able to travel up to 150 kilometers .Full household outlet takes 7 hours on a special gas stations and  the battery can be charged to a level of 80 % for 30 minutes .Well, it is great that  you can refer to your nearest dealer, test the car, choose your favorite set and order a vehicle. But a price still could be too high for average citizen. For four-seat model with length 3.5 meters, price starts from 1799 000 rubles(~.50600 $). In contrast, for the same amount of money, you are able to purchase German business-class sedan of premium brand. If we are talking about competitors, the i-Miev has become more expensive in 2, 5-3 times than expensive gasoline analogues. Eventually, there are only a few wanting to buy i-Miev.However, in more than two years in Russia, there have been bought about 100 machines. By decision of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) and the Ministry of Industry, from February 1 2014 till December 31 2015, import duties on electrocars were nulled .That way, ECE trying to stimulate the growth of auto sales, which are working on electricity and infrastructure for their comfortable use. "Opening access EVs in Russia we  are giving impetus to the development of environmentally friendly energy, which will create new industries and segment of jobs ,"- said Deputy Minister of Industry and trade Viktor Evtuhov. We brought results .i -Miev price fell almost into two .Now Mitsubishi dealers sell siticar from 999 000 rubles, which certainly should boost sales. It is great that Russian market is growing and more dealers are coming.For instance, French Renault plans to sell just two electric vehicle -Kangoo ZE and Twizy.


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