Leaked details about the oncoming BMW i9 hybrid concept

BMW i9 will be based on the i8 hybrid sports car with more power and will have a beefier appearance.Production is said to launch in 2016..

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BMW i8 plug-in hybrid is one of those cars that really stand out from the crowd -- you just can’t confuse it with anything else because of its futuristic design.

But how about BMW i9? Will she look as sharp as the BMW i8?

Well, just check out photos below and you’ll understand (any associations with Batmobile, huh?).








I was just stunned when I first saw BMW i9 renderings. Of course I know that the BMW designers are known for their wild imagination, but their rendering is not one of those that resemble anything close to what I was thinking about ongoing BMW i9.

They just impressed us – styling is really wise ad indigenous.

Performance details

BMW i9 would be based on the i8 hybrid sports car with more power.

Still featuring a plug-in hybrid, the BMW i9 is said to forgo the 1.5 liter three-cylinder engine in favor for a larger one and with more power.

Furthermore, the i9 would also get a bigger electric battery which will generate more than the 131 hp found in the i8.



Lightweight materials and construction remain top priorities for BMW so if it comes to life, expect the i9 to feature even more carbon fiber and aluminum parts. The i9 will also retain the perfect 50:50 weight distribution.

From 0 to 100km/h, the BMW i9 is rumored to run in under 4 seconds and with a top speed above 249km(155mph).


While we do believe that BMW will prepare something special for this unique opportunity to showcase to the world its sporty DNA, it’s still a big question whether BMW has the room to build a car above the i8 which will essentially feature just more power and a fresher design. And you can also forgo a six-cylinder engine in the hybrid setup given the chassis’ transverse engine layout.

But let's don't be so pessimistic.Plus, any predictions are useless until we'll see the BMW i9 concept alive, so let's cross our fingers and wait for innovations from BMW AG.

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