Innvelo Three

Innvelo Three is an all-electric three-wheeler designed by Form & Drang.It is powered by a pair of 3.2kW rear wheel motors, has a top speed of 100 km/h (62 mph) and range on a single charge around 100 km(62 miles).

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Urban vehicles with three wheels tend to become popular among people really fast. In the early beginning of 2015 we have already seen the E-Car333 and Spira4U concepts and the arrival on the market of electric microcars a new vehicle proves it one more time.

Meet, two-seat electric prototype from Ronny Sauer - Innvelo Three.








Protoype is going from concept to working model in three years.

Some history

Over the last 3 years, design-agency FORM & DRANG and a group of medium-sized companies developed a three-wheeled electric car. 

First, engineers got a Briefing with all important facts and limitations. Low cost, low weight, and a magnificent appearance. After this, they started with a lot of sketches and Photoshop-work, did a lot of CAD and a tape rendering to get a feeling of proportions and a lot of other stuff.

Anyway,a picture is worth a thousand words, so just check out how it was.


















Different versions of Innvelo Three

Vehicles can be configured in three different versions: a 'commercial' model, a 'racing' model, and a 'work' model designed for small parcel delivery. For their inspiration they use a honey bee, a wasp, and a bumblebee, respectively. The target price for the vehicle is between €10,000 and €15,000 ($11,290 and $16,935).












What we have now?

The prototype is equipped with two electric motors developing 6.4kW in total and a 200Ah battery for a 100kph top speed and 100km of range, the announced weight is only 400kg!


3 wheels L 284 x B 154 x H141 500 kg 1 chassis for 3 vehicle variants (commercial, work, race) 100 km/h 100 km range 2 electric motors (3,2 kw per motor) Battery pack 200 Ah

Is it safe to ride?

Media and partner rides last fall demonstrated that the three-wheeler is safe to operate and doesn't need a complex leaning suspension in turns.Anyway, the team was continually asked if it could lean into turn. After that they've decided to try out it personally.

"They stopped counting how often people are faced with such anxious thoughts. We got the opportunity to try out the driving behavior personally. And? It was a breathtaking and above all safe feeling."









Form & Drang does not give details on a release date or put into production but seems to have good equation with a qualitative product with a futuristic look at a price in the market standards for electric microcars.Let's hope that'll se this three-wheeler on sale quite soon.


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