Iranians unveiled to the public their first all-electric car prototype

A two-seater electric vehicle built by a group of students and professors in Qazvin Islamic Azad University was unveiled in Azad University of Tehran. The plug-in vehicle has rated range of 200 km(124 miles) and can be charged within 3 hours to get a full charge.

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The electric vehicle built by a group of students and professors was presented at the Islamic Azad University of Tehran in the presence of the head of Iran's Islamic Azad University, Hamid Mirzadeh, the chancellor of Qazvin's Islamic Azad University and officials of Tehran Municipality and the Department of the Environment as well as a number of lawmakers.








According to the developers, the car is 120 cm wide and 2 meters long, which can reduce parking problems on the streets of Tehran. Moreover, the car does not produce any pollution.














Measurements are virtually identical to the Renault Twizy

A total of 450 parts of the vehicle were made by the researchers of Qazvin's Islamic Azad University, which took one year to complete. The plug-in car can travel up to 200 km on a single charge (124 miles), taking only three hours to get a full charge.

It's not yet safe to use

A prototype of the vehicle has been built without an airbag. However, the car's designers believe they would install airbags in new models.

Some interesting facts

A lot of people think that Iranians didn't develop anything and just made a clone of Renault Twizy with some cosmetic changes.









That could be very true for both vehicles have similar dimensions and the most noticeable difference between the French urban electric vehicle and the Iranian clone is their driving ranges.








The 6.1kWh battery pack in the Twizy has a rated range of 100 km (62 miles), while the Azad University vehicle claims double that and decrease charge time (recharge time is said to be 3 hours).

But we're not going to judge it.Regardless of the origins of the Azad University electric car, providing the citizens of Tehran with a less polluting transportation alternative is a positive step for everyone.


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