Tomahawk electric sports car

A company based in Canada by the name of Dubuc Motors has created a four-seat electric sports car that it hopes to start selling in 2016

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2652.jpgDubuc is calling its electric car the Tomahawk and right now it’s still in the prototype stage. However, Montrealer Mike Kakogiannakis of Dubuc Motors SLC (the designer behind the Tomahawk) is really proud of his child and thinks that this car can overshadow Tesla for Tomahawk is the “first and only all electric sports car offering an extended range.”

Well, being only ambitious big is not enough, so let's watch a short video below about the car and then figure out if it's as good as Mike Kakogiannakis claimed.

A few words about the design 

The Tomahawk is a pretty thing  with design references from some of the world’s biggest automakers. There are shades of the Porsche Carrera GT from the rear, while the front evokes images of  Mazda's Kodo design language. There’s even a bit of Lotus Evora in there from the side, however we think it might look a bit better in one solid color.







The beauty of Dubuc’s design is that the aluminum chassis of the Tomahawk is highly flexible, meaning it can be easily modified for other vehicle types including a people mover ideal for taxiing duties as well as a utility-type vehicle.








The car’s specs include being able to go from 0-60 in just over 3 seconds, reach a top speed of 140mph, and has an extended range of 275 miles, along with being the first electric vehicle with adjustable height air suspension.





Compared to Tesla P85D








If you think that sounds awfully similar to Tesla’s P85D, that’s no accident.

Dubuc Motors described itself as “Tesla's cousin” in the Tomahawk press release, presenting “a new offspring” in the highly popular electric market.

100% eco-friendly

The car is actually made from recycled matter. It starts out a bit like a 1990’s workout program, but does show several shots of the car on the move.

Seeking investors

Dubuc Motors is now seeking investors for the Tomahawk electric sports car, with plans to release the vehicle in 2016. The projected price is set for under 100k, making The Tomahawk more affordable than a Tesla, but it's still a little out of most people’s price range.

Tomahawk's chassis will also be used for taxi vehicles 

A taxi vehicle is also in the works by Dubuc Motors, which will use the same chassis as the Tomahawk. Also worth noting is the fact that if all goes according to plan with the prodouction of both cars, Dubuc will be the first Canadian automaker of electrically powered vehicles.



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