Evelo Omni Wheel is all about to hit the market

Evelo Omni Wheel is the detachable wheel that converts a regular bike into an electric one

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Evelo Omni Wheel Concept is not the first project that can transform your bike into an electric one( i.e. Rubbee electric drive) 

but it is very first time when company came up with smart wheel technology (check out video below to learn more).

Now, a three year old electric bike company called Evelo says that its Omni Wheel will be the first smart wheel to hit the market when it goes to production in January

But yet one asnwer remains unanswered - what's so special about it?

Well, let's figure it ot.

25 miles on a single charge (40 miles with an upgraded battery)

2617.jpgThe wheel, which can get up to 25 miles on a charge (40 miles with an upgraded battery), has been in the works for over a year. It has a handful of important differences compared to its competitors, according to Evelo founder Boris Mordkovich. First, the Omni Wheel is a front wheel (other smart wheels go on the back of the bike). "The front wheel makes it significantly easier to take on and off whereas removing and replacing the rear wheel may require technical skills," he says. "With the front wheel, it’s incredibly easy, and you maintain the existing gears of the bike. With gears, you get more out of electric assist. You can climb steeper hills."


Onboard wireless display

2620.jpgThe other big difference: the Omni Wheel comes with an onboard wireless display that lets riders choose their power-assist level and look at speed and distance information. Both the Copenhagen Wheel and the FlyKly wheel have smartphone holders and use apps to control this information. Apps might be convenient for most riders, but the Omni Wheel appears to be the only smart wheel that doesn't require a smartphone for use.

Thieves might be less attracted to the onboard computer than a shiny smartphone that they see whizzing by (the onboard computer is also detachable).

Other differences

The entry-level Omni Wheel appears to outperform the comparable FlyKly version. It is more powerful, with a 350 W motor compared to a 250 W motor, and can go faster, at up to 20 mph (32 km/h) compared to 16 mph (25 km/h). The two have a similar range of 25 mi (40 km).

The Copenhagen Wheel, meanwhile, has the same motor power and top speed as the Omni Wheel, but a battery that offers a longer range of 31 miles (50 km). 


A few words about batteries

The Omni Wheel's battery size can be increased from 8.7 Ah to 14.5 Ah though, giving an increased range of up to 40 mi (64 km). The batteries take up to four and nine hours to charge respectively and the larger of the two can push the price to $1,499 (currently $1,299 on pre-order) depending on the battery and wheel size (26-in or 28-in) that is required.








Compared to ordinary electric bicycles

Smart wheels are cheaper than full-fledged electric bikes, and they don't require the commitment of a full electric model; if you don't like the smart wheel, you can just remove it. 

Of course, the Omni Wheel is still far from cheap. It costs $1,000 to pre-order, and $1,200 at full price, which is more expensive than the competition is aiming for, though these companies have not yet begun shipping,so let's see what'll be in March 2015.

Can I buy it?

Not yet.The Omni Wheel is only available to pre-order now and the shipping is expected to begin in March 2015.

But if you can't wait, check out the pre-order page here.




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