Chevrolet EN-V 2.0 Concept

Chevrolet EN-V 2.0 is a networked autonomous electric vehicle with huge perspectives to become transport of the future

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Chevrolet's electric vehicle concept didn't generate the buzz as Google's latest autonomous car did when it showed up a few months ago, but don't all good things come to those who wait?

Compared to Google's vehicle

Unlike Google's newly born effort,the EN-Vehicle has been around since 2010, and version 2.0 of the concept debuted on Sunday at the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) World Congress in Detroit. 

Also, where Google's effort looks like a child's drawing of a car, the EN-V 2.0 looks like what would happen if you crossed a ladybug with a Transformer robot. Just check out the wing-like doors, for instance.








General Motors is using the EN-V 2.0 to explore several tantalizing ideas.

Urban-only driving

The first is a vision of focused urban-only driving, where the top speed of the EN-V 2.0 is just 25 miles per hour. No, this isn't for drag-racing, but rather for tooling around town and picking up the kids - or one child at a time, anyway (it's a two-seater).

Connected to the wolrd

The concept car's equipped with cameras, LiDAR sensors, and vehicle-to-X capabilities, so it can be aware of, and even communicate with, nearby cars and traffic infrastructure. Thus equipped, the car can make many or all of the decisions while the driver rides hands-free.

As for user-facing tech, note in the image above, the small display on top of the dashboard. Even the brake and accelerator pedals are in on the theme, showing "pause" and "play" icons - as if you were playing a game or video with them, rather than driving. 

















No problems with parking

The EN-V 2.0 is also small enough to fit two of itself in a regular-size parking space. I'm not sure how the local parking-enforcement authorities would see that, let alone how the drivers would figure out how to share, but the luxury of being a concept car is that you don't have to work out all the details.

Project is under development

As we wrote in the very beginning of the article,Chevrolet's electric networked-vehicle concept didn't not generate the buzz that Google's latest autonomous car did when it showed up a few months ago. 

But it also doesn't mean that the concept is dead and the  EN-V 2.0 and will never see real street time.

Recently General Motors China has signed a memorandum of understanding with Shanghai Jiao Tong University to collaborate on a vehicle sharing program featuring the Chevrolet EN-V 2.0 starting next year.

A fleet of EN-V 2.0 vehicles will be integrated with a multi-modal transportation system alongside bicycles, cars and shuttle buses at the university’s Minhang campus in Shanghai to evaluate the benefits and challenges of a vehicle sharing transportation model.

2538.jpg“The vehicle sharing program with Shanghai Jiao Tong University will allow us to assess the real-world application of the EN-V 2.0 as part of a vehicle sharing system,” said Matt Tsien, GM executive vice president and president of GM China. “We will apply these learnings to the development of future urban mobility transportation solutions, not just for China but for the world.”


2539.jpg"Electric vehicles represent the transportation mode of the future, but the big topic now is how to develop them," according to Yin Chengliang, vice president of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Automotive Engineering School. "This project will explore a model that integrates electric vehicles with the transpor
tation network and intelligent transportation system."

The Chevrolet EN-V 2.0 is the next generation of GM’s original Electric Networked-Vehicle (EN-V), which made its global debut at Expo 2010 in Shanghai. It can travel up to 40 kilometers on a single charge.

The Shanghai Jiao Tong University collaboration is a continuation of GM’s vision for sustainable urban mobility announced at Expo 2010. Shanghai Jiao Tong University is a comprehensive research-oriented university and one of China’s leading educational institutions. GM and Shanghai Jiao Tong University have collaborated on many automotive, training and development projects over the past two decades.


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