Japanese tuner Garage EVE.RYN recently unveiled to the public a modified version of the BMW i3, called BMW i3 EVO

11/28/14 4:00 am chumakdenis 1

Japanese tuner Garage EVE.RYN recently unveiled a modified version of  the BMW i3, called now i3 EVO.

The main change lies in the new futuristic shape of the front end, made from carbon fiber. There different wheels too.

They took a stock i3 and added a custom body kit, which gives the diminutive electric vehicle winder wheel arches, a carbon fiber front spoiler and rear diffuser, as well a widened wheel arches. Rounding out the package are large alloy wheels with sport tires, and BMW blue accents throughout. 







I have to say the exposed carbon fiber is a great compliment to the carbon composite structure of the car, and the wheels look great. But I have to wonder what sort of effect on driving range all of these add-ons have. After all, part of what makes the i3 so brilliant is its incredibly lightweight construction, and I can’t imagine that adding all these accoutrements could possibly help. 


I don’t believe that EVE.RYN did any other tweaks to increase the performances, so it's more likely to be as stock version of BMW i3.

Anyway, it's not the worth thing because i3 has really powerful 125 kW engine and ideal weight distribiton.

But next time it would be nice to see changes except sporty and agressive look of i3 EVO.









P.S.What do you think about BMW i3 EVO design?Do you like it?

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