New Tesla D finally revealed

new Tesla model D is way more robotic and also one of the fastest electric vehicles on the planet

10/10/14 5:00 am chumakdenis 1

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk on October 10th announced a new version of his company's electric sedan that will have all-wheel drive, a second motor and driver-assist features such as self-parking. The price wasn't disclosed.







The new Model S will have a 0-60 time of 3.2 seconds, making it among the fastest-accelerating sedans in the world.

As for driver-assist features, the car will change lanes when a driver uses their turn signal; read nearby signs and adjust the car's speed to the speed limit; brake automatically when the car sees an object it's going to collide with; and park itself - for parallel parking situations or parking in the garage, for instance.














"The car can do almost anything," Musk said. "But it is still at this stage autopilot, not autonomous ... It's not at the level where you could safely fall asleep and arrive at your destination."

Thursday's event at the Hawthorne airport in Los Angeles came a week after a cryptic (and shrewd) tweet from Musk  that promised to unveil the D and something else" and contained a photo of a vehicle mostly obscured by a garage door.










That was it, but the Internet and stockholders ate it up, and Tesla’s market cap had risen $2 billion since the tweet as of Thursday.

The "D," it turns out, stands for "duel" - as in the second motor that's part of the new Tesla S.

Locally, Tesla Motors has showroom at the Natick Mall, and last month  won court approval to sell directly to consumers there - bypassing traditional dealerships, which rely on licenses with carmakers. The state’s highest court ruled that, under state law, car dealers didn’t have legal standing to block Tesla’s business approach.


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