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This electric bike is controlled by your heartbeat and could make your workout just perfect.Read mpre to find out more

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2142.jpgIf you're riding an electric bike for exercise, it's easy to cheat. The bike doesn't know how hard you're working; you might be struggling up a steep hill or just letting the motor carry you along a flat street because you're feeling lazy. A new electric wheel changes that:

Instead of twisting a throttle or pushing a button to turn on the motor, the system measures your heartbeat and adjusts the assistance so you get a perfect workout.

By synching with a heart rate monitor, the Falco electric wheel - a kit that can be added to any bike - provides extra resistance if your ride is too easy, and then adds power to push you along when you've reached your target heart rate.

So what is Falco Fusion Sports Drive eBike system?








Falco Fusion Sports Drive is an eBike drive system (or ebike kit as some call it.) which converts any normal bicycle into an electric bicycle. The motor goes in the rear of the wheel and the battery installs onto the down tube of the frame. The control unit slides onto the handle bar. The control unit is wired directly to the motor. This is a complete system. There are no additional controller, or components or messy wires to deal with. 

2148.jpgSmart phone allows you to add a ton of additional capability such as cycle computer, cardio control, fitness machine, power meter integration, eBike functions, social sharing and GPS mapping.

Motor can be activated with your feet (also known as pedal assist) or the control unit with built in throttle (also known as power on demand function). With the motor in the rear you can combine your and the motor power to go faster and farther.

Any advantages of this system?








Well,this system is powerful, robust and reliable and amazingly fast. You can control the system with your feet, hands or heart. There is no other system in the market which compares or even comes close to the Falco Drive System. 

The system is  light weight; powerful; robust and reliable;gearless (no plastic or metal gears unlike the German or the Chinese systems);quiet (gears make horrible noise even the German ones); versatile (use it on any bike); efficient (geared systems are inefficient); cost effective; zero resistance pedaling; an open system.

Falco eBike Drive Systems are an excellent alternative form of transportation. Although efficiency of the automotive has improved dramatically, so has the number of automobiles. Automobiles continue to wreck havoc on our cities and the environment. 

Now with Falco Fusion Drive,  you can use your bicycle for fun, fitness and transportation. There is no petrol or gas to be used. Electricity costs around $0.10 per 1000 watt-hour. That is enough to charge our battery pack twice. You stay fit, save the earth and have fun doing it.

How does Falco Fusion Sports Drive System work?






A Falco Fusion Sports Drive System converts any regular bike into an eBike or electric bicycle. There are only three components - electric wheel, battery pack and control unit. There are no messy wires or additional components or controllers to deal with. The controller and electronics are embedded inside the motor. The electric wheel simply replaces the rear wheel of your bicycle. The battery can be installed onto the down tube of the bicycle and the control unit simply slides over the end of your handlebars.

As you begin to pedal, the motor is automatically activated. This is called pedal assist. It senses the cyclists' torque and adjust the level of assistance accordingly. If you pedal harder, it will provide more assistance. If you pedal softly, it will provide less assistance. You can also activate the motor using the control unit. The plus can be used as a throttle. By holding the plus down, the motor can be activated without pedaling. The harder you press, more assistance you get. As you release the plus button, the level of assistance decreases. That is control of the motor with your hands (power on demand).





All the information about your battery and drive performance you can have in your smartphone

Is it hard to install this system on a bike?

The system is designed to be super simple to install. The step by step instructions and all the included hardware will guide you through the simple steps. The level of assembly does not require expert handyman skills or special tools. 

The whole process can be done in less than 30 minutes with only a few simple hand tools. The conversion process is simple and straight forward. 

Difference between 250 Watt and 350 Watt versions

The 250 watt version is an ideal solution for daily commuting. The 350 watt system is ideal for cyclists looking for more power and acceleration. 

Since 250 watt system consumes less power, it will provide more range as compared to the 350 watt system. The 350 watt system provides 40% more power and is great for those looking for more performance.

The two systems are identical in appearance. The main differences are in the internal components such as magnets, winding and controller.

What is the range?

Max range of 100+ miles is achievable.The chart is shown below:

















Range Estimation for Various Riding Conditions

Under ideal riding conditions one can achieve great range. The ideal riding conditions include good roads, low friction tires inflated to recommended air pressure and well maintained bicycle components. The bicycle speed and rider weight also play an important part in determining the range. Lower speed dramatically improves range. Higher speed decreases range significantly. Changing the speed from 20 mph to 15 mph can increase your range by 30 to 50%.

In addition, using pedal assist is much more efficient than throttle only operation. It is impossible to increase range with throttle only operation. Motor will always overpower the rider and contribute 100% of the power. Under pedal assist, you are forced to contribute. Here you make a big difference. And with five assist levels you can have a fairly direct control over the range.

Level 1 Range Estimates: 40 to 100+ miles

Level 2 Range Estimates: 35 to 85+ miles

Level 3 Range Estimates: 30 to 65+ miles

Level 4 Range Estimates: 25 to 55+ miles

Level 5 Range Estimates: 20 to 50+ miles

Throttle Only Range Estimates: 15 to 40+ miles

What is the difference between off-road and road legal versions?

Most counties regulate the speed and power an eBike can deliver. Some of the limits are mentioned below:

USA: Speed Limit: 20 mph (32 km/h), Power Limit: 750W

Canada: Speed Limit: 20 mph (32 km/h) , Power Limit: 500W

Europe: Speed Limit: 15 mph (25 km/h), Power Limit: 250W

Japan, Singapore, Australia: Speed Limit: 15 mph (25 km/h), Power Limit: 200W

India: Speed Limit: 15 mph (25 km/h), Power Limit: 250W

Below these limits, no license or insurance is required. 

Off-road versions go past these speed limits and provide pedal assistance to 28 mph (45 km/h). The off-road versions may not be ridden on public roads without certain licensing and/or insurance requirements.

Can this system be used without the smart phone?

Yes, the drive system can be used without the smart phone. All you need is the electric wheel, the battery pack and the control unit. The drive system has all the performance and functionality to exceed any existing eBike in the market without the astronomical price tags and clunky noises of geared drive systems. 

Smart phone adds the following functionality to the drive system:

Cycle Computer; Off-Road Mode Activation; Cardio Control; Fitness Functions and Biometrics Feedback; Power Meter Functions; eBike Drive Data Display; GPS Mapping; Social Sharing.

Inside the drive technology
















This is Falco Fusion Sports Drive. Falco fusion sports is based on a 5-phase technology researched in the Universities across the globe for a long time.

It is ANT+ and Bluetooth LE ready.The Falco Fusion Sports is disc brake and cassette ready. The drive can be spoked from 16” to 29” rim sizes or higher.The drive is available in 32, 36 and 48 spoke holes. It has an inbuilt torque sensor and a controller. There are 16 sensors inside which monitor human, motor and bikefunctions extensively.

 Not only have we achieved seamless integration of rider and drive power but also a system which can be cardio-controlled with biometrics feedback.

The drive has been tested for thousands of miles and under the most adverse conditions.

Falco's lithium battery

2149.jpgOpen Architecture Lithium Pack: Falco’s Lithium Pack is based on our Open Architecture. This 50V high performance, light weight pack has 400Wh of capacity. It is  safe and easy to install and handle.

It has an inbuilt battery capacity gauge. The battery management system has advanced protection against short circuit, over temperature, low voltage and over charge. 

This state of the art battery pack is built with Panasonic cells. It is versatile and can work with almost all bikes. The pack merely weighs 5.5 lbs. (2.5 kg) and it delivers 50V with 400Wh.

Why an open system is so important?

Let us imagine that you buy an expensive electric bike and after 2 years of use, you want to replace your battery. The manufacturer tells you one of two things:

It is a closed system, you can not use any other battery AND your battery replacement cost is more than 60% of your original cost. You have no choice but to buy it. Otherwise you risk losing all of your investment; Your battery is no longer supported and hence you lose your investment because your drive can not work with other batteries. It is a closed system.

Falco fusion sports drive is an open system so that the drive can work with any other available battery in the market place. The drive has enough intelligence to work with any battery. 

The control unit






This is the control unit for the Falco Fusion Sports Drive. It is designed to be utterly simple and intuitive to use. The 5 bars on the top indicate the battery level. The 5 bars also indicate the pedal assist levels when used with the plus. The plus provides instant power. The plus and minus also control the pedal assist levels. The minus provides instant regenerative braking and 5 levels of regeneration. The control unit has an inbuilt charging port to charge the smart phones.








This is the smart phone app for the Falco Fusion Sports. The app is built around ANT+ and Bluetooth LE. It works on iPhone, Android and most other smart phones.


 The Falco Fusion Sports drive can be controlled with your heart. Set your target heart rate and the drive will do the rest.

The power training module allows you to set the target power and use the drive as a training device.

The app provides detailed information on the battery as well as the motor drive.


The drive specs

Light Weight ~ 4.5kg //  High Efficiency ~ 90% //  High Torque ~ 30 to 45Nm //  Zero Cogging ~ 0.01Nm //  Rear Wheel Installation //  24 or 36 or 48V Operation //  Wireless and CAN Communication Capability //  Precise Power and Torque Measurement //  Onboard Data Storage //  PC Diagnostic Interface //  High Speed Micro-Controller // Disc Brake Mount // Free hub/Cassette //

The battery specs

Li-Ion Panasonic Cells with Falco BMS //  2.5 kg, 51V (Max Voltage), 10Ah //  420 Wh //  Internal Impedance < 75mOhm //  Peak Discharge Current ~ 25A //  Regeneration and Power Consumption Control //  Operation upto 45 deg. C //  Cycle Life > 500 //  Cell Balancing //  Over-discharge protection //  Over-charge Protection //  Temperature Protection //  Secondary Protection //  Charge Voltage Limit ~ 51V //  High-Speed Processor //  Fast Charge (80%) < 4h //

The development process



















Falco Circuit Boards - Five Phase Inverter and ANT+ eBike Console




















First Hx Prototype was built using CNC machined components




















The First Die Cast Motor Cover, Machined Axle and Bearing.




















Inside the 5-Phase Motor Technology




















Mark and Bob of Team Hybrid with Rakesh 




















Mark and Bob of Team Hybrid put the system through extensive testing in mud and rain 




















Jesper Berggreen of E-Wheels tested the system in Denmark through cold and snow for more than 1200km

Any other products with same technology?

The company will  offer other products using the same core technology - like a version of this  pedal-pedal-powered desk that charges gadgets as someone works.

"You'll be charging your cell phone, laptop, and at the same time you get exercise and you're in complete control through biometric feedback," says Dhawan.

 Also, there are some of the example installations below.Check them out and give us your opinion about having electric bike that is conrolled by your heartbeat.



















This is an example installation in a trike



















A Fat Bike Conversion







































Falco Handcycle

  mark and bob of team falco fusion sports drive ebike system falco innovations electric bicycle

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