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KillaCycle Racing set in late August a new electric motorcycle speed record at Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials - 240.726 mph (387.328 km/h)

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Recently I wrote an article about world’s fastest car and to the delight of electric vehicle fans – Elmofo Radical SR8 won the reace and became new favorite (cool, isn’t it?).

Well, this is awesome since petrol-powered vehicles have no advantages at all in comparison with electric.

But how about motorcycles?

Are noisy and ecologically unfriendly motorbikes still on the top?

Luckily, no. Meet, KillaJoule






KillaJoule is the world’s fastest electric motorcycle with a top speed of 241 mph (388 km/h) so far.
Builder, owner and driver is Eva Håkansson.






KillaJoule is really eco-activism in disguise. The only purpose of this 19 ft., 400 HP, sleek, sexy motorcycle is to show that eco-friendly doesn’t mean slow and boring.











Battery: A123Systems Lithium Nano-Phosphate, 400 V and 10 kWh. 500+ HP.

Motor: EVO Electric AFM-240 motor, 500 HP.

Motor controllers: Two Rinehart Motion Systems PM100 controllers, 400 HP together.

Weight: about 1540 lb. (700 kg) including the pilot Eva Håkansson

Dimensions: Length 19 ft (5.6 m), width appr. 21 inches (0.53 m), height appr. 38 inches (0.96 m), wheelbase 150 inches (3.8 m), track width when fitted with sidecar 45 inches (1.14 m)

Frame and suspension: Chrome-Moly steel tubing with “Springer” style front end and classic stereo suspension for rear end.

Brakes: Disc brakes front and back. Two Kevlar ribbon brake parachute, actuated with Bimba air cylinders.

Body: Fiberglass composite nosecone, canopy and sidecar wheel cover made by Nova Kinetics Aerosystems in Flagstaff, AZ. Body panels of aluminum.

Rider, builder, designer and owner: Eva Håkansson

Crew chief, designer and owner: Bill Dubé

Senior adviser and designer of the suspension: Sven Håkansson

Pit crew: Mike Stockert, Alicia Kelly and Kent Singleton

Current record (as of August 2014): World’s fastest electric motorcycle and the world’s fastest sidecar motorcycle @ 240.726 mph (387 km/h) (AMA Record, pending ratification, set in August 2014). Complete list of records here. It is also the world’s 4th fastest battery-powered vehicle (higher records were set by the cars White Lightning and Buckeye Bullet 1 and 2.5).

Registered top speed: Currently 241.901 mph (as of August 2014).

“Fuel”: The battery in KillaJoule is recharged using wind power at home in Colorado, or by a hybrid quiet bio-diesel powered generator from CumminsOnan at the race track. 



KillaCycle Racing Team:
A record is  always  a team effort. It doesn’t matter how fast the bike is; if the team doesn’t work, the bike doesn’t work. We have the best crew: Mike Stockert, Alicia Kelly, Bill Dube’, me (Eva Hakansson) and Kent Singleton (not shown in picture). And of course the 241 mph “KillaJoule”. You are all awesome! Thank you so much!

Setting new record or how it was

KillaCycle Racing set in late August a new electric motorcycle speed record at Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials – 240.726 mph (387.328 km/h):


1787.jpg“240.726 mph (387.328 km/h) in the flying mile, AMA record, Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials, Bonneville Salt Flats, August 2014 (pending official certification by the AMA).”

First time in history that an electric motorcycle gets Top Speed of the Event at Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials! 241.901 mph


Watch the record run at 241.901 mph that made KillaJoule the world’s fastest electric motorcycle and the world’s fastest sidecar motorcycle of any kind (including internal combustion). It is the first time in over 100 years that an electric vehicle has taken an overall speed record for a vehicle type (the last time was in 1899 when the world’s fastest car was electric).

Ever wondered how it is to pilot the “KillaJoule” -  the world’s fastest electric motorcycle and the world’s fastest sidecar motorcycle (record of 240 mph)? Well, it is surprisingly undramatic.
Take a peek into the cockpit of KillaJoule where Eva Hakansson is piloting it at 224 mph. Make sure to not miss the following “action moments”:

01:03 – Eva is closing the visor on her helmet
01:26 – the bike is on the track and Eva’s is pegging the throttle.
02:33 – entering the measured mile at over 220 mph
02:49 – finishing the measured mile and deploying the brake chute
03:54 – talking to the crew on the radio
04:53 – switching over to a handheld radio using another channel that doesn’t go through the repeater in the trailer 10 miles away (Eva can’t reach the built-in radio in the bike to change the channel when she is seated, so bringing another radio was a quick solution).
05:30 – stopping on the return road between the two tracks.
Trying to get the canopy off without scratching the paint (if she just threw the canopy on the ground not worrying about the paint, it would take her less than 10 seconds to exit).
The fire crew comes by to check that everything is OK.

Bonneville Salt Flats, August 26, 2014

Any plans for the future?

Well, team has announced no plans, but we do know that they're workind under their bike and soon we could see something even faster than 240.726 mph (387km/h).

Well, it would be inetrseting to see what upgrades would be made on the bike in order to get even faster bike.But this happen not soon, so let's be happy with what we already have and hope that such bikes as KillaJoule would be available on sale soon.


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