I am so proud of you to be on the path to recovery

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I had been in residential care to Animal Crossing Items get an eating disorder two years back for approximately eight months. It completely changed my life. If someone told me back then where I'd be now, I would have never believed them. I never knew how much I was capable of. Ensure you stick with your disposition of care as you step down to lower levels of treatment, you have got this!!

I am so proud of you to be on the path to recovery. I've been working on it to the previous eight years along with my excellent therapist and it had been the best choice I ever made. You are going to have bad times, but you're worth pushing past. You must be so proud of yourself my beloved

We will beat it and feel at peace with our connection with food, body and mind! Congratulations for starting this journey!! I have been dealing with some depressive states recently and only added this Handsome Boy into my island. I'd totally forgotten encouraging him. He left my day when I saw him lol

I had been in a psych ward for severe depression and bulemia. Approximately a month later I came from the hospital New horizons was released and gave my life some sort of meaning. Animal crossing actually be saving lives ngl

I am glad you are on the road to recovery! If you have twitter, I suggest following she's a MH nurse who talks about her continuing anorexia recovery and my friend said it was really beneficial. I wish you hugs and relaxation

The villagers enjoy and support you. So do we. Whenever you don't feel powerful, remember we are all standing together with you and surrounding you with cheap Animal Crossing Bells love.

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