My sister once heard a dialogue involving Pompom and Flo

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1/21/21 8:05 pm Weismart 0

Yeah that makes absolutely no sense. :-LRB- It is similar to Animal Crossing Bells the devs need us to focus only on designing and terraforming rather than actually... you know, interacting with and forming connections with our villagers.Sometimes they sass u a little when u got a bee sting. But other times they take pity and give u meds.

My sister once heard a dialogue involving Pompom and Flo. I dont understand what it just was about anymore, however, Pompom stated it's trendy, while Flo stated it isn't. My sister said it's cool and Pompom afterward said: Oh, if you believe it's cool, then it certainly isn't cool anymore.

I recall accidentally messing up my first snowman in the Gamecube game and he essentially started yelling in my"I'm a freak, why did you do this to me?!" And I was too afraid to ever make another one.

This is my favorite sort of Snowboy. It makes me laugh every time.I wanted to shout today bcuz my phone rang at the specific second I had the perfect snowfella and the entire body jumped onto Animal Crossing Bells the head making it state"my head is so large cuz I'm smart" haaaha. I cannot make a perfect one

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