I initially thought it was a fantastic idea

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1/17/21 7:25 pm Weismart 0

I just want to decorate a full sized home with Animal Crossing Bells some fancy furniture. Every kitchen is ironwood. Every bedroom is wooden and antique. Every other themed island is"Japanese themed", since that is one of the only 3 topics out there in this sport.

I initially thought it was a fantastic idea, I like this in game events are tied into real life vacations because I think it fits much better with the intent of the game. But I saw how much normal/standard content was lost. Since they've committed to semi-regular holiday events that they don't really have time or funds to devote to the standard content that's still missing.

I think they were too afraid to postpone the game a second time, but the game actually needed some additional time to be developed. The timing together with quarantine was super easy and made to get a huge player base, but a good deal of people stopped playing the game after only a few months. I'm hoping we see some much larger updates going forward.

Yeah the"free updates after launch" sounded exciting at first since I'd assumed it'd be a way for them to explore new land for the series or bring back events and ideas that had been more or Nook Miles Ticket For Sale less shelved (like the weird"vacations" and events at Wild World or Morning Aerobics at GC).

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