Skoda Superb Hybrid Concept

Skoda Superb will likely be offered with 154bhp 1.4-litre TSI engine and 107bhp electric motor from VW's Passat

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Most Skodas are bought with the head, not the heart. However, due to its huge sedan body, the clean design and excellent bang-to-buck ratio, the flagship Superb model is a car many people get really excited about. Now, details of the next generation model are starting to trickle down and they suggest the Mk3 will be the most advanced model ever to be made in the Czech republic.















A report from Auto Express states the new Superb is due out in 2016, two years from now. The current generation was introduced in 2008 and received a mid-life facelift in April 2013, when it received features such as electrically operated front and rear passenger seats.

But how about something more serious like engine specifications and other stuff?

Be patient, we're almost there)


A Skoda insider has told that the vehicle will adopt the tech from the recently introduced eight-generation VW Passat and will feature a 211 PS (155 kW) 1.4-litre TSI turbo petrol engine and an electric motor.








The new Superb should be based on the longer, wider version of the MQB used by the new Passat. Remember, MQB is not a singular platform, but a "modular tool kit", as the Germans put it. The old A Group family of platforms that were replaced by the MQB had similar derivatives. For instance, the Golf and Octavia used the A5 (PQ35), while the Passat used the sturdier and more complex PQ46


It have been said that the next generation of the model will come with a completely fresh design and new technology.The new Superb will remain the firm's flagship model for the next ten years and will be available as a sedan and estate.

















This rendering from X-Tomi imagines the exterior of the Superb to draw inferences from theVisionC Coupe concept presented at the Geneva Motor Show.The VisionC concept is Skoda’s design study for a four-door coupe, likely to be based on the Octavia. Skoda describes the concept as having an emotive design, yet the stance and profile of a coupe. Skoda’s boss, Dr. Vahland, told the press earlier that the new Superb’s design will be nothing short of a “revelation”.

Based on VW’s MQB platform and heavily influenced by the new Passat, the car will sit a lot wider on the road and will have a striking design with universal appeal, while the dual sedan/hatchback tailgate boot opening will be dropped as it is too expensive. The V6 engine will also be axed and a 4-cylinder, 2.0-liter will be the biggest available unit.

Not the first try?

1416.jpgWhile the Superb will be their first plug-in hybrid to be offered to regular customers, it's not Skoda's first attempt at being eco. In 2011, a fleet of Octavia Green E Line electric powered vehicles demonstrated the company's innovative potential and technological competence. A small fleet of test vehicles based on the estate model. Power came from a large 26.5 kWh battery made up of 180 lithium-ion cells and weighing about 315 kilograms. The single electric motor provided 60 kW (81 PS) of cosntant power and 85 kW (115.6 PS) on boost for overtaking. The Octavia Green E Line accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 12 seconds and has its top speed limited to 135 km/h. Skoda and Volkswagen built similar prototypes based on the old Leon and Golf. However, the Germans were the only ones to go into mass production with the Golf GTE plug-in and e-Golf EV.


This will be one of the largest cars made on the MQB, with a wheelbase of 2,836mm, 75mm more than the current generation and more likely - a good car.

it is also possible that the Superb family could  grow when the next-generation model arrives in 2016.  However, our source remained coy about future product plans and only time will show what will be in 2016.











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