Energica Ego

This "proudly made-in-Modena" electric superbike is a mixture of technology and innovation. It can count on relevant technical partners beside being built with F1 technologies as 3D Printing process. Energica Ego can reach a top speed of 240 km/h and is equipped with Vehicle Control Unit and an innovative multi-map system for energy management. The 100 kW engine, the extraordinary 195 Nm torque and a characteristic whistling sound are what makes Energica Ego “the next big thing”.

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Energica Ego is the first Italian electric bike that has been on display at Eicma 2013, the International motorcycle exhibition, with its first model.

 "A combination of performances, innovation and technology that makes this made in Italy project unique in motorcycling and unique in customer service" - said one of Energica cofounders.

But as always, we don't believe in nothing untill we'll make sure that this is true, so let's begin our investigation:-)

Energica Ego

Energica Ego is an all-electric superbike that has carbon fibre fairings and a special shape featuring elements made with 3D printing technology and Windfoem materials, specially covered with a ceramic finish by English company Zircotec.







Also, there is an ecxclusive Ego 45 that will be available as a numbered edition to special order (a maximum of 45 will be built).









Inside the bike

1342.jpgThis acclaimed electric superbike is equipped with a synchronous electric motor with permanent magnets, oil cooled, 100Kw of power, a top speed of 240Km/h, and an immense torque of 195Nm from 0 rpm to 4700 rpm. The braking system is by Brembo and the ABS system is by Bosch. The state of the art ABS system is standard equipment and is a year in advanced of the incoming UE regulations for mandatory ABS.


1343.jpgThe Energica EGO is equipped with a Vehicle Control Unit and an innovative multi-map system for energy management. It is the “brain” of our electric superbike. The VCU is mounted with two microprocessors to guarantee reliability, safety, and performance. The system is able to release maximum power at any time assuring full battery performance during the whole life cycle of the vehicle’s charge. The control unit manages the regenerating braking system in conjunction with the ABS system. The VCU of the Energica EGO also keeps check of the battery efficiency when the vehicle is switched off.

1341.jpgThe Energica EGO has an on board battery charging system of 110-220 V with a cable interface on the electric column. It will also be available with a recharge inlet for the FAST CHARGE DC Combo 2. And add to the astounding technology of the Energica EGO, it also has a COBO color digital dashboard with a TFT active matrix, with GPS, Bluetooth and internet via LTE/UMTS/GPRS and internal memory and data logging.

Energica 2.0

T1344.jpghe Energica Blog: An active and forward thinking comminity who discuss their options and thoughts about various topics wil feed this diary on the net,aimed at creating a real time online diary on electric culture and mobility.

With the blog posts, the reader will be able to approach and share this new kind of mobility, with others who have chosen electric vehicles, with articles, interviews with electric technicians, get real world advice, and comment or suggest new topics by all social networks.

The blog will also create a charging station map that will be added inside "Energica highlights",an App developed in collaboration with Map2App.

The Energica highlights" app is dedicated to sustainable mobility and combines the most beautiful motorcycle roads in the world with the nearest charging stations.

The app is availabe for Apple,Android,Java and wip for Blackberry.

Wes Siler shares his thoughts about  first ride on Energica Ego


Revealing the myths

The electric motorcycle is quiet!
The sound of the Energica EGO is a roar of power that will astonish you! This is due to the straight cut final drive gears similar to the drive train of an F1 car.

Can the Energica EGO go fast even without the gearbox?
Yes. Electric motors provide massive torque, and are direct drive with a constant smooth powerband. The electric motor enables the vehicle to obtain constant high performance from 0 rpm up to redline. The speed from 0 to 100 km/h is less than 3 sec. The absence of the gearbox also makes riding easier. It is much simpler, pure, and safer. The rider can focus their attention on the pleasures of riding with the certainty of having all the necessary power to enjoy the gradual acceleration while carving a curve. Electric car manufacturers use the same design for their electric cars. In fact, a gearbox to support 195 Nm of torque, even if only 2 gears, would lead to an increase of weight, but also would lead to problems of proportions, which on a motorcycle are very restrictive. In addition, a misuse of the gearbox by the user may result in worse consumption (a person who “pulls the gears” consumes much more energy than a motorcycle without a gearbox).

The excitement of changing gears and feathering the clutch is gone and the lack of a transmission can reduce the excitement and passion of the rider
It is hard to compare electric vehicles with the gas-burners. The internal combustion engine (ICE) achieves torque on a gradual curve that requires higher revolutions to obtain maximum performance. However, the electric motor behaves differently and will surprise you if you have only experienced ICE power. Maximum torque, the power transmitted from the wheel to the ground, is 100% from 0 to 5000rpm. In addition, with no transmission gears, clutch, or shifting, the process of searching for the “right gear” and RPM is eliminated, allowing for full concentration on braking, cornering, and acceleration. The excitement of riding an electric motorcycle is more than just power. It’s less work and instantly feeling the torque of the motor.

What about the range of Energica?
The range depends on its use, just like any type of vehicle. You’ll get about 150 km range with an average speed of 80 km/h, and 190/200 km with an average speed of 60 km/h (street circuit). On the  racetrack, you’ll get about 50 km range with an average speed of 100 km/h, but, of course, the Energica Ego is a streetbike not a racebike.

It takes too long to recharge the batteries!
 Energica EGO has a battery charging system of 110-220 V with a cable interface on the electric column. It will also be available with a recharge inlet for the FAST CHARGE DC Combo 2. So in AC charging (alternating current, such as at home) Energica recharges from 0 to 100% in about 3.5 h, while in DC charging from 0 to 85% in less than 30 min.

What about the charging stations? Where can I find them?
Enel is implementing a strong disclosure policy on sustainable mobility, and is installing its charging stations all over the Italian territory. You can find a map of all the columns at this link. The rest of the world is working hard to expand the charging infrastructure Alternative Fuels Data Center– Open Charge Map – Plugshare.com

And the batteries? How long do they last? Do they create pollution and how can they be recycled? Is it possible to give them a second life?
Enginners from Energica are working on the second life battery project. Even on a solution that will enable people to rent/lease the battery. In this case, for a small monthly fee you will have your battery replaced after a period of time and your vehicle will be as new!

Are you creating a naked version? What will be the price of Energica Ego?
Currently Energica EGO will be available in Matte Pearl White and Matte Black. The price is not fixed yet. It will depend on the battery’s price fluctuations on the market in 2014. It have been said that Ego hope to remain between 22,000 to 25,000 € (25,000 to 28,000 $ + taxes) + VAT. Energica Ego will be available for purchase in 2015. The price will depend also on state laws and the incentives that there will be at that time. 

Entering the U.S. market

Energica starts the year with great news: after the official launch of its first model, Ego at Eicma 2013, and the big debut of the only Italian leg on the world tour, Energica Motor Company start-up is continuing its plan to become a major player in manufacturing of electric motorcycles.









Energico Ego is all about to begin US Test Ride Tou

In July Energica will turn its attention to the United States, the great homeland of sustainable transport. There are already countless American advocates of electric transport who have been able to choose sustainable vehicles without making compromises. Indeed, Energica has been called “the Tesla of motorcycles” by the American press!

The Energica Ego will head to the United States in July, when the international Where is my EGO Tour of test rides will stop off in three of the nation’s biggest cities.

The official dates are: San Francisco July 18th (with exclusive launch event on July 16th at Wingtip Club), Los Angeles July 20th and New York, NY (Bear Mountain) July 30th.


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