I originally thought it was a good idea

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1/6/21 8:15 pm Weismart 0

"I love this tree! Oh, it takes cherry blossom petals to Animal Crossing Bells create. I'll make this rug instead. Never mind, it requires summer shells. Maybe I can craft this ornament? Acorns and pine cones. I will settle with this pumpkin wand. Oh, I don't have all four versions of pumpkins. Wintertime? Got to stock up on snowflakes!"

I just wish to decorate a full sized home with some fancy furniture. Every kitchen is ironwood. Every bedroom is wooden and antique. Every additional themed island is"Japanese themed", since that is one of those only 3 themes out there in this sport.

I originally thought it was a good idea, I like that in game events are tied to real life holidays because I think it fits better with the aim of the game. But then I saw how much normal/standard content was lost. Since they have dedicated to semi-regular holiday events that they don't really have time or resources to dedicate to the standard content that's still missing.

I think they were too reluctant to delay the match a second time, but the game actually needed some additional time to be developed. The time together with quarantine was super convenient and made for a enormous player base, but a lot of people stopped playing the game after only a couple of Animal Crossing Items For Sale months. I am hoping we see some much larger upgrades going forward.

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  • EricDominique 1/10/21 4:29 am # 0
    If you thought it was a good idea, then you should've pursued it. I don't understand why you didn't pursue this horses for sale idea. I think this would've been great for you. I will share other ideas with you soon.