Carice Mk1 electric sports car

The Carice Mk1 is a small, electric-powered speedster that very, very closely resembles a classic Porsche 356

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Unknown Dutch automaker Carice Cars has introduced the limited edition Carice Mk1 electric vehicle.

Joining Spyker, Vencer and Donkervoort, Carice Cars is another specialty marque from The Netherlands and their first product is a limited-run electric vehicle called Carice Mk1. It draws its styling cues from the classic Porsche 356 and has a body manufactured entirely from plastic.

Carice MK1







The Carice Mk1 is a small, electric-powered speedster that, as we wrote before, very, very closely resembles a classic Porsche 356.

The 356 is already a small car by modern standards but the Carice Mk1 takes that a step further - parked next to other vehicles, it looks tiny. 












According to Autovisie, Carice founder Richard Holleman says the shape is a "tribute" to German design, but also suggests there's some Italian influence in the lines. And overall, it's a tribute to "everything that used to be beautiful".




More importantly, however, is the powertrain. The MK1 is completely electric, gathering energy from a lithium-ion battery pack integrated directly into the chassis. This allows for perfect 50:50 weight distribution, although performance isn’t really the MK1’s specialty.


Despite its electric powertrain, normally an invitation for a bank of heavy batteries and leaden curb weight, it tips the scales at just 771 lbs. Speaking to Autovisie, Carice founder Richard Holleman explains that the sports car uses a backbone chassis (Lotus Elan-style) and the battery pack sits along its central bar, where it's best for optimal weight distribution and grants an ideal 50:50 distribution.

 Low weight does hint at small battery packs

The low weight does hint at small battery packs, but Holleman doesn't confirm capacity - only varying outputs, from 15 kW to 40 kW. Range is therefore an unknown, though how far you'd want to travel in a small speedster with no roof is a matter of personal taste. There's a tonneau cover, so at least the seats will stay dry while you're parked up. 


1022.jpgTipping the scales at less than 350 kg (771 lbs) including the battery pack, the Carice Mk1 will be offered in two states of tune: 15 kW (20 PS) and 40 kW (54 PS). There will also be a Junior Version (for 16-year-old drivers) with just 4 kW (5.4 PS).

For customers who want a little more driving time, Carice offers a small, gas-powered “range extender” for an extra boost. Carice is even planning a hydrogen-powered MK1 in the coming months.


Mass production

Carice Cars has actually been around since 2009 and has already sold a few vehicles, but Holleman says the company is now ready to sell its cars on a larger scale. All are built in the Netherlands, and start from a not-inconsiderable $36,000 or so, including Dutch sales taxes.

Of course, it will no doubt benefit from local tax breaks and running cost advantages, so the car may find a a lot of local fans. But if you're not from Netherlands or Denmark, the price could be too high for you and you'll just have to keep pushing major automakers to build us a proper electric sports car.



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