LRC is extremely rewarding, so I've heard.

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12/27/20 6:00 pm Weismart 0

Right, then cast curse to level 25, Varrock teleport to OSRS gold level 37, Falador teleport to level 43. Then comes Superheat. Because you'll need atleast 15 Smithing to make iron bars(or 30 for steel bars; both are very good, is dependent on personal preference) I would say train your Smithing (and Mining as you're at it). Mining + Smithing: Again do exactly what Bennub stated (he is really very helpful, surprisingly xD) for Mining. Once your 15(or 30), you can begin Superheating. You might also buy bars and smith them.

LRC is extremely rewarding, so I've heard. People come away with about 4-5k every undertaking, which is very good in the long run. You also have a shot at the Patriarchs, which automatically drop about 200k. They also supply good expertise, I believe. Do not worry about the minerals. It provides the time and, in my estimation, isn't worth the missing experience. Ugh. Hellhounds. I would block those. Just great for clue scrolls and excitement. Gold charms, which is... They're cannonable, though. . I would not block bloodvelds. They are great expertise and very fast. No drops, though. If you need a guide to any creature, check out this wonderful one made by Azarath.

I have almost completed The Void Stares Back quest, but there is just one problem: The Pest Queen... I've had 4 attempts, and so much this is a quick overview. I've 80 assault, 83 str (nearly 84), 80 defence. Sooo, what I'd love to know is: Is there some way, besides 80+ herblore, to restore spec assault to the sword? Is using a tort to get extra food a better choice than spirirt kyatt, since kyatt seems to overlook when it pounces, and doesn't want to pounce when I click the special attack option. Is a bunyip that a feasible option?

Has anyone tried maging/ranging the Queen (I have 90 mage, 77 range)? What's the best armour combo? (Karils is an option for me) Are there some safespots in the Queen in the start so that I can concentrate on defilers? Is the Queen weak to stab, slash or conquer? I know it's a lot of questions, but I want that sword today! Thanks in advance for buy RuneScape gold any help.

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