A big reason that landscape lighting

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It's lights out for solar lights. While it might sound startling to hear that solar lights are falling out, the reasons actually make a lot of sense. Conventional wall pack lighting suffers from high energy costs, frequent maintenance costs, and overall lighting performance issues. There are three big reasons for the solar light's declining: limitation, dependability, and durability. Outdoor LED lighting can help mitigate all three of these issues.

A big reason that landscape lighting build/designers don't use solar lights in their designs is because solar lights are 100 percent dependent upon the sun for power. The drop in maintenance is primarily driven by the way LEDs generate light. The solar light's dependability is remarkably disappointing. When discussing lighting performance, we are really talking about lighting distribution.

The point of landscape lights is to have an illuminated home. Solar lights lead to darkness. Conventional lighting applications with similar concerns as wall pack lighting; Parking Lot Lighting, High Bay Lighting, Parking Garage Lighting.The durability of the solar LED Pixel light is about as wonderful as its lumen output. Wall pack lights and building lights are terms that describe the outdoor lighting that is commonly mounted on the exterior walls of buildings.


Often, the lumen output and light intensity in a solar light fixture is already underwhelming even when the battery is brand new. In addition to the even distribution of light, LEDs are available in a range of CCT’s, and as a result provide a range of options to increase the visual perception of “brightness” without increasing the need for higher wattages. To learn how an LED wall pack lighting conversion might help your facility, contact EXC-LED.


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